Black Parfum spray 17.5 ml

Puredistance | I Parfum spray 100 ml


A warm, mysterious and elegant fragrance, full of charm, that stays in the shadow, giving away – only every now and then – part of its nature. Puredistance BLACK plays hide-and-seek on the skin, appearing, morphing, and reappearing to delight the senses.

Puredistance Black feature ginger, cardamom, absinthe wood, saffron, rose, patchouli, myrrh, opoponax, amber.

Puredistance BLACK is a pure perfume (25% perfume extract)

Reviews :

“The secrets of Puredistance Black are revealed very slowly, discreetly, from mouth to ear rather than on speakers, a feat by perfumer Antoine Lie.” Elena Vosnaki – The Perfume Shrine

“Once again Puredistance has created a fragrance that is of the utmost quality and elegance.” Steve Lindquist – The Scented Hound

“What is remarkable with every creation done by Puredistance is the fact that in every single detail, they go for the best, the most precious, the rarest, the finest … possible.” José Amorim – The Luxury Activist

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