Clive Christian Noble VIII Immortelle Parfum 50 ml spray



NOBLE VIII Immortelle РFougère, Spicy, featuring Bergamot, Immortelle and Papyrus.

Noble VIII Immortelle opens with the bright, fresh notes of bergamot and lemon but harnesses the velvety note of the infamous everlasting flower, Immortelle at  its heart to add an enlivening sensual quality. Native to southern Europe where  it grows on dry rocky and sandy terrain, Immortelle flowers never fade from a  vibrant yellow, even when dried. When fused with woody undertones of calming papyrus, amber and vetiver, it produces a masculine depth which lingers on skin  and unravels to reveal unrivalled elegance and complexity.

‚ÄĘ Noble VIII Immortelle was designed as a pair to be worn with Noble VIII Magnolia
‚ÄĘ As Noble VIII Immortelle is such a rich, base-heavy fragrance it will add gravitas to all Clive Christian perfumes, but particularly Noble VII Rock Rose and Cosmos Flower as well as V and X Masculine would be a great citrus top note to¬†L Masculine,¬†V Masculine¬†or¬†Rock Rose

Noble VIII
Clive Christian Noble VIII collection Magnolia and Immortelle.

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