Lianne Tio Parfums

Lianne Tio Parfums

Lianne Tio single-handedly introduced the niche-perfumes on the Dutch market. At Lianne Tio Parfums you find the perfumes of prestigious perfume houses, made the oldfashioned way, using natural ingredients of the highest quality only.
Lianne Tio Parfums would like you to discover the beautiful world of scents of the Belle Epoque in a boutique that breathes the intimacy of the Haute Parfumerie. Lianne Tio Parfums transports you to a world of subtle and authentic perfumes, which are built on ancient perfume tradition. Our main source of inspiration is the search for authenticity and uniqueness. We strive to please our clientele, offering high standing quality products.

Boutique Annick Goutal Rotterdam

Welcome at Lianne Tio Parfums

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Clive Christian Perfume Awards 2013 - Milano

with Victoria Christian, Lianne Tio and Mr. Clive Christian O.B.E

Clive Christian Award for Lianne Tio Parfums