About Lianne Tio

Lianne Tio single-handedly introduced the niche-perfumes on the Dutch market. At Lianne Tio Parfums you find the perfumes of prestigious perfume houses, made the oldfashioned way, using natural ingredients of the highest quality only.
Lianne Tio Parfums would like you to discover the beautiful world of scents of the Belle Epoque in a boutique that breathes the intimacy of the Haute Parfumerie. Lianne Tio Parfums transports you to a world of subtle and authentic perfumes, which are built on ancient perfume tradition. Our main source of inspiration is the search for authenticity and uniqueness. We strive to please our clientele, offering high standing quality products.

When Lianne Tio opened her Annick Goutal boutique in Rotterdam 17 years ago, hardly anyone – except some connoisseurs – was aware of this name or what Annick Goutal Parfums represent: ‘emotional’ perfumes based on inspiration and natural ingredients, that are intentionally distinguished from the average mass-marketed scents sold in chain perfumeries.


Lianne Tio’s presentation and in particular her knowledgeable advice is now referred to as ‘niche’. The last couple of years – or rather the last few centuries, as proved by Santa Maria Novella in Florence – several niche brands have emerged, about which Lianne Tio has been as enthusiastic. Besides her enduring, ardent passion for ‘the world of Annick Goutal’ she wants to share this enthusiasm with you too.

Therefore at Lianne Tio Parfums at the Weena-Zuid 144 you may also enjoy other exclusive fragrances like those by AJ ArabiaClive Christian, GrossmithOrmonde Jayne, Parfums MDCI ParisDusita Parfums Paris and Roja Parfums.

We would like to invite you for a visit so you can personally experience why Lianne Tio is renowned as one of the most passionate boutique-owners within perfumery, not only in the Netherlands but elsewhere in the world as well.

You are very welcome!

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Clive Christian Perfume Award for Lianne Tio Parfums