Lianne Tio Parfums

Fragranced bathoil

Easily dissolved in water, just a few drops of these precious concentrated perfume oils are enough to give emollient and hydrating effects to the skin as well as leaving it pleasantly scented. Pour 10-12 drops in a running bath. Bathe as usual and your skin will be soft and beautifully scented.

Available in the fragrances Melograno – Gardenia – Russian Cologne - Vetiver.

Note : Due to a decision of the Headoffice of the Officina Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, we are no longer allowed to sell the products of Santa Maria Novella through our webshop. However, Santa Maria Novella products are available in our store in Rotterdam. To order just send an email at or contact us on +3110 4049602. We apology for the inconvenience.


Name: Price:  
Melograno concentrated bathoil 60 ml 65,00 
Gardenia concentrated bathoil 60 ml/stock 1 65,00 
Russian Cologne concentrated bathoil 60 ml 65,00 
Vetiver concentrated bathoil 60 ml 65,00 
Relax bathoil 100 ml 39,00