Lianne Tio Parfums

Fragranced bathoil

Easily dissolved in water, just a few drops of these precious concentrated perfume oils are enough to give emollient and hydrating effects to the skin as well as leaving it pleasantly scented. Pour 10-12 drops in a running bath. Bathe as usual and your skin will be soft and beautifully scented.

Available in the fragrances Melograno – Gardenia – Russian Cologne - Vetiver.


Name: Price:  
Melograno concentrated bathoil 60 mld 65,00 
Gardenia concentrated bathoil 60 ml/stock 3 65,00 
Russian Cologne concentrated bathoil 60 ml 65,00 
Vetiver concentrated bathoil 60 ml 65,00 
Relax bathoil 100 ml 39,00