Lianne Tio Parfums

Maia Room Fragrance

Delicious roomfragrance in a special bottle. Tradition and desire for innovation blended in a creation of highest quality.

Tea, honey and mint alternate and combine with each other to form an environment which gives energy and vitality.

Available : bottle 500 ml and 250 ml Bottle - 100 ml Roomfragrance - 500 ml refill

Lianne Tio Parfums, Rotterdam - The Netherlands


Name: Price:  
Maia Roomdiffuser 500 ml bottle wooden cap/stock 3 175,00ORDER
Maia Roomdiffuser 250 ml bottle wooden cap/stock 2 97,00ORDER
Maia Roomdiffuser 500 ml refill bottle/stock 3 70,00ORDER
Maia Roomspray 100 ml 80,00ORDER