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Maria Candida Gentile

"There are enchanted gardens and secret keys that open the door to memories and images from our childhood." This powerful expression of intense emotions is characteristic for Candida Maria Gentile, the first female Maitre Parfumeur from Italy. She completed her education at the school for perfumers in Grasse and perfected her technique in the famous laboratory of Carol André.

"My work is creative obviously, yet pragmatic and visionary. I make my emotions palpable in my creations. My work requires patience and perseverance. I am a poet who has chosen a different vocabulary to express myself, a vocabulary filled with dancing molecules.

Maria Candida Gentile was born in Sarzana (SP). She is the first Italian woman
in the last thirty years that has acquired the title Maître Parfumeur at the famous 'perfume institute ' of Grasse. She lives and works in Italy (Sarzana) and France (Grasse). With her exceptional and widely recognized talent Maria Candida creates outstanding exclusive perfumes.