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Atelier Flou

Atelier-Flou was born from Jean-François’ love of fragrance and his disappointment when smelling new scents which, in his words, are ‘generally either elaborate marketing products or created in order to simply surprise. All the new fragrances I smelt were far from my understanding of the true art of perfumery, and lacked any vision, creativity, emotion, and subtlety.’

Atelier-Flou work away from trends and fashion, not looking to astonish or to surprise, but simply to develop subtle, balanced, refined, and lively harmonies: harmonies made from the finest natural ingredients worked in a very contemporary way, that you will enjoy and want to wear day after day.

“The creation of each perfume is for us an idea thought day after day, so that from a simple combination of noble raw materials, it is born an emotion.”

Jean-François Cabos
Atelier Flou
Maison de Haute Parfumerie à Paris