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Scented Candles

For the purpose of filling your home with the best possible scent Annick Goutal came up with two extraordinary sophisticated products; the roomspray and the scented candle.

To recreate the magical enchantment of Christmas. Make your Home smells like Christmas!

With the Annick Goutal Noel Candle you don’t need a Christmas tree...Close your eyes and you can almost imagine a Christmas tree in front of you. The aroma of citrus fruits, orange and tangerines from Brazil, the slightly acid bark of Siberian pine, heavy with the unforgettable scent of its resin. 

Noel scented candle 300 g - limited edition - sold out

Ambre scented candle 300 g - limited edition 


Name: Price:  
Noël scented candle 175 g regular 47,00ORDER
Ambre scented candle 300 g lmited edition 65,00ORDER
Hadrien scented candle 175 g/stock 3 47,00ORDER
Amande Gourmande scented candle 175g 47,00ORDER
Fleur de Tiaré scented candle 175 g 47,00ORDER
La Violette scented candle 175 g/stock 4 46,00ORDER
Mandragore scented candle 175 g/stock 2 46,00ORDER
Metal lid for candle 175 h 17,00ORDER