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ageLine® cosmeceutic – 4 essential products – suitable for all skin types at any age
ageLine® are highly effective “Cosmeceuticals”, developed by internationally renowned experts of mitochondrial medicine at the Institute for Preventive Aesthetic Medicine (IPAM) in cooperation with Berlin’s reputable Free University (Freie Universität). The innovative formulas counteract all forms of skin ageing and utilise new transport technologies to bring active ingredients into deep skin layers and thus achieve maximum effectiveness. The combination of highly effective anti-aging ingredients with the most advanced transport technologies makes ageLine® decisively different from conventional care formulas.

“Our years of experience convinced us that optimal skin care is not possible by using conventional cosmetic products. The application of advanced medical technology and knowledge in the field of skincare was the only logical and most promising path for us to follow. That is why we started to develop the unique ageLine® formulas in collaboration with a top-class team of scientists at the Free University of Berlin.” (Dr. med. Dipl. Biol. Bernd Löffler, MD and Biologist)


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